2021 Up North Update #2

Dear Lake Neighbors,

I have several updates for you:

1.      NEWSLETTERS:  You should be receiving your newsletter in the next few days.  In the future, I’d like everyone to consider whether they are willing to receive the newsletter electronically.  It will be more timely, reduce paper usage, and save postage and printing expense.  We will continue to send a paper copy to anyone that elects to continue receiving paper copies or those that have not provided an email address.  We will raise this as an option at the Annual Meeting for discussion.

2.      ROTHE PROPERTY ZONING CHANGE:  Several members of the GLA Board and a number of Gilmore residents attended the Minong Town Meeting on Monday June 14. 

a.       The Town Board decided to table the zoning change request until its next meeting on Thursday July 15th at 6pm so that more information can be gathered about the proposed development of the Rothe property.  Procedurally, the Town Board may make a recommendation for a zoning change to Washburn County, but the decision on a zoning change is made by the Washburn County Zoning Committee.  The Zoning Committee will hear the matter on Tuesday July 27th at 4pm.

b.      The developer made a presentation of his concept for the property.  This was very informative, and the audience and the Town Board members had many questions.  I have invited the developer, Tony Turek, to come present his plan at our Annual Meeting, so that Gilmore residents have more opportunity to ask questions and understand what is being proposed. 

c.       Please send any comments in support or opposition to the zoning change to the Washburn County zoning office so your comments can be shared with the Zoning Committee.  zoning@co.washburn.wi.us

3.      ANNUAL MEETING:  Please attend the Annual Meeting on June 26th at 10am which will be held at the Jack Link Aquatic and Activity Center in Minong.  I hope to be able to broadcast the Annual Meeting over Zoom.  I will be working out details and technology in the next few days and will send an update with a Zoom link if I can get everything working.

4.      RSVP:  Please let me know if you plan to attend the Annual Meeting and the lunch.

I hope to see many of you at the Annual Meeting.

Fran McCloskey


2021 Up North Update #1

Dear Lake Neighbors,

I have a few important notices that I want you to be aware of:


We are holding our annual Gilmore Lake Association Meeting on Saturday June 26 at 10am.  We are very excited to announce that the meeting will be held at the Jack Link Aquatic and Activity Center.  We will eat lunch immediately following the meeting (approximately 11:30).  Please DO NOT bring any food items, as facility rules will not allow them to be served.   Please also let me know whether you plan to attend, which helps in determining our food quantities.  This will be my first visit to this amazing facility and I am looking forward to it.  Tours of the facility will be available before or after our meeting/luncheon.  Please inquire at the welcome desk if you want a tour.

2.      BOAT PARADE – JULY 3

The annual Boat Parade will be on Saturday July 3rd at 1pm.  The theme for this year’s event is “Where in the World?”  Please meet near the landing a few minutes prior.  In the event of inclement weather, we will move the parade to July 4th at 1.


On Monday June 14th at 6pm, The Minong Town Board will be hearing a request for a change in Zoning of the Rothe property, located at the north and west shore of Gilmore Lake at the upper narrows. (see attached map)  A developer who wants to buy the property is seeking a change from RR2 zoning (which requires a minimum 200’ frontage and 3 acres) to RR1 zoning (which allows minimum 100’ frontage and .5 acres).  Based on the filings at the Town and at Washburn County’s Zoning Office, there is currently no additional information about what is planned by the developer.  There may be more information provided at the Town meeting, which I plan to attend.   I hope you will also attend to share your comments.  The Washburn County Zoning Committee is scheduled to hear the zoning request on July 27th at 4pm in Shell Lake.  Please review the Town and County websites for current procedures  (mask-wearing, etc.) prior to attending the meeting.

If you have an objection, an expression of support, concerns or other comments for the Town Board and Washburn County regarding this zoning change request, you can express them in person at the meetings or in writing.  You may email the Town Board at townofminong@centurytel.net  The town board members’ telephone contact information is on their website at https://townofminong.us/board/   The Washburn County Zoning Office email is zoning@co.washburn.wi.us

The Spring/Summer newsletter will be mailed soon.  I look forward to seeing many of you at the Annual Meeting, and please give me an indication if you can attend.

Happy Summer!

Fran McCloskey

2020 Boat Parade Winners!!

First Place – fishing from pontoons and paddle boats

First Place

First Place - towed behind

Second Place – rubber duckie and water cannon

Second Place

Third Place – pirates with water balloons

Third Place

Boat Responsibly


Please use good judgment when operating your boat on Gilmore Lake.  We ask that you follow all Wisconsin boating regulations.  https://dnr.wi.gov/topic/boat/

All motorboats within 100 feet of a swimmer, a dock or shore must proceed at slow/no wake speed—the slowest speed you can go and still maintain steerage.  Jet Skis must stay 200 feet from shore if operated faster than “slow, no wake.”   There are two narrows between the upper-middle-lower basins of Gilmore Lake where boats should pass at slow/no wake speed.

Please refer to this pamphlet on Wisconsin’s Boating Regulations for more details.  WI Boating Regs 2020



In addition, certain types of boats, including boats made for Wake Boarding can have a detrimental effect on the lake’s ecosystem when operated in shallow waters (<10 feet) or too close to shorelines.  Gilmore Lake’s average depth is 16 feet and there are certain shallow areas that are not appropriate for operation of a wake boat.  One site in particular is the “sunken island” in the southwest part of the lower basin of the lake which is approximately five feet deep.  The sunken island has been treated continuously for EWM, which spreads easily.  Please avoid Wake Boating in this area, and remind your guests to do the same.

The North American Lake Management Society has published several articles on the effect of Wake Boats on lakes which provide more education on how to minimize impact of boats designed to displace water to maximize wakes.  NALMS – Manage the Wave and Wake Boat Impact



Rain at Gilmore

Northwest WI has received over three inches of rain. The lake level is rising; please follow the no-wake restrictions until the water has returned to a normal level.

Up North Update 2018 #3

This is a reminder about the following important events and dates:


The Washburn County Planning and Zoning Committee will be meeting next week to discuss the proposed subdivision of the Chauvet property on Gilmore Lake.  The County Zoning Committee meeting will be held Tuesday July 24th at 3:30pm at the Ed Elliott Building 110 4th Ave. in Shell Lake in the County Board Meeting Room.

The most current proposal is available at this link:  Plat drawing for Chauvet property as of 6-10-18

There will be an opportunity for residents to voice their comments regarding the proposed development.  There are a number of topics that can be raised including safety, density, deforestation, runoff, septic, pollution, environmental impact, and more.  It is most impactful if we have a variety of concerns rather than multiple individuals voicing the same topic. If you are not able to attend and want to voice your comments, please send Fran McCloskey an email and she will have them presented at the meeting by Linda Featherly (our town and County Board representative).


The Minong Town Lakes Committee is sponsoring an educational series starting this Saturday, at 9:00am at the Minong Town Hall on Nancy Lake Road.  The brochure is available at this link: Your Land Our Lakes-Brochure

The sessions will be on the next 4 Saturdays in a row (7/21, 7/28, 8/4, and 8/11), with a wildlife and your shoreline topic for this Saturday.  Gary Dunsmoor may have some live critters with him, and all people of all ages like learning about critters.  The following weeks’ topics of zebra mussel prevention, wildfire protection, and wild rice are geared to be of high interest for lakeshore property owners.

The keychain floats will be available for attendees at each session until they are gone.

We hope to see you on Saturday!

Water Level – Monday 6/25

The WATER LEVEL this morning was a little over 2 feet above normal.  It should be close to normal by the weekend, assuming no large rainfalls.

LOST & FOUND:   There are a number of people with missing dock sections and other items.  People have also found items and would like you to come retrieve them.  Please check on the Lost & Found Tab.  https://gilmorelakeassociation.com/lost-found/

The Facebook page also has posts of lost and found items.  I am trying to keep up with items posted on Facebook and post them on the website, but I may have missed some.

Please contact Fran McCloskey via email if you need help connecting with someone.

Again, please be careful to avoid floating debris and abide by the NO WAKE recommendation.

Reminder that the Lake Association Annual Meeting and Picnic are this coming Saturday at 10am at the Minong Town Hall on Nancy Lake Road.

Flooding Update – Wednesday AM

The lake is 6.2 feet over normal as of 10am this morning, which is 2 1/2 inches up from last night at 8pm.
Compared to the inflow rate earlier this week, this may be getting close to (or at) the peak.
The water is up to the pavement on Narrows Trail and the Town of Minong has put out “High Water” signs.
The water is lapping right up to people’s cabins, so please keep water activity to a minimum.
Again, if you are renting out your cabin or have visitors, please advise guests to refrain from normal boating activity.
This is for their safety (due to floating debris) and for preservation of property.
We all hope that the water will begin to flow out of Gilmore as soon as possible.
If you have lost or found items, please send a description (and if possible, a photo), and Fran will post them on the website’s lost/found page.
Finally, We hope to see you at the Annual Meeting & Picnic on Saturday June 30 at 10am at the Minong Town Hall on Nancy Lake Road.
The annual boat parade is on Sunday July 1st at 1pm starting at the boat landing.  Theme:  “Anything Goes”

Flooding Update – Tuesday PM

The lake is currently 6 feet over its normal level. The water is within 3 inches of coming over the road at Narrows Trail. Based on the water flow through the Narrows Trail culvert, it appears that inflooding has stopped. Let’s hope it is at the peak, but it is difficult to predict. If this is the peak, plan on it taking about a week for the water to recede.