The Association

The Gilmore Lake Association (GLA) is a not-for-profit organization incorporated under Chapter 181 of the State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) as a “qualified lake association” which enables the GLA to apply for WDNR grants for the benefit of the lake. The GLA is a tax exempt IRS 501(c)(3) organization. The GLA has no paid employees and relies totally on the volunteer efforts of its members. General inquiries can be directed to

Board of Directors

President: Fran McCloskey (

        Vice-President: Larry Stokes (

Treasurer: Bill Huelsman (

Secretary: Dick Johnson (


        Daryl Iverson (

Homer Gatlin III (

John Breitinger (

Association Activities

  • Walleye stocking program
  • Monthly water clarity and quality testing of the lake
  • Monthly monitoring of lake shoreline to detect the presence of Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM)
  • Seasonal boat inspections to prevent introduction of EWM in cooperation with Minong Town Lake Committee
  • Implementation of a rapid response plan for the control of EWM
  • Newsletter, Up North updates, kiosk, and website to keep property owners informed
  • Ongoing research on issues relevant to the lake
  • Protecting our lake and our investments
  • Representation on the Minong Town Lakes Committee
  • Annual installment/removal of the launch site dock
  • Annual cleanup of area roadways
  • Annual members’ meeting, picnic, and boat parade


  • Membership
    • Fran McCloskey, Chair
    • Wendy Wimmer, Picnic Chair
  • Eurasian Watermilfoil
    • John Ney, Chair
    • Daryl Iverson
    • William Schroeder
    • Larry Stokes
    • Scott Bosman
    • Tim Rinaldi
  • Website
    • Jim Schneider
    • Fran McCloskey
  • Town of Minong Lakes Committee Representatives
    • John Ney
    • [open]
  • Newsletter
    • Dave Walsh, Chair
    • Fran McCloskey
  • Lake Water Quality Testing
    • John Ney
    • Daryl Iverson
  • Fundraising
    • Larry Stokes, Chair
    • [open]


Gilmore Lake PROPOSED By-Law REVISIONS (membership vote on June 25, 2022):redline bylaw changes 2022

Gilmore Lake PROPOSED Conflict of Interest Policy Statement (membership vote on June 25, 2022: Revised Conflict_of_Interest_Policy statement

Gilmore Lake By-Laws dated June 25, 2005: GilmoreByLaws

Gilmore Lake By-Laws revision dated June 26, 2010: GLAByLawsRevised2010pdf

Gilmore Lake Conflict of Interest Addendum 2010: GLAByLawsAddendum-ConflictofInterestPolicy2010(pdf)