Lake History

Gilmore Lake had its name as early as the late 1880’s (see History of Minong by Josiah Bond Jr.). How it got its name is a mystery. The lake is about 389 acres with a depth of about 36 feet and an average depth of 16 feet. The water clarity is excellent and because it is a spring-fed lake it doesn’t suffer as much from low water levels during times of drought.

As with many lakes in the area, Gilmore Lake was a summer destination for families from as far away as Chicago. It offered resort life and excellent fishing. Slowly over the years the resorts disappeared and in their place, cabins gave way to more substantial homes. Besides fishing and swimming, lake users enjoy water skiing, canoeing, kayaking, ice fishing, and more.

In 1883 we were a part of what was called the Town of Veazie. By 1889 we became part of the Town of Spooner. In 1893 the Town of Minong covered the northern tier of Washburn County. Finally the Town of Minong became the Town of Minong and the Town of Frog Creek.

Josiah Bond Jr. wrote an early history of Minong in the early twentieth century: Josiah Bond 1902 Spooner Advocate

The memoirs of Emma Goodwin Smith also provide an early look at the area: Washburn County WIGenWeb Project

For more information regarding the history of the lake and the area, visit the following sites: for information on the county. for the Josiah Bond Jr. article. for original field notes and plant maps.

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