Links & Contacts

Emergency and Safety

  • Fire and Police Emergency: 911
  • Fire: Non-emergency: (715)-466-2324
  • Minong Area Fire Department: (715)-466-2060
  • Police: Non-emergency: (715)-466-2430 or (715)-466-4720
  • Constable Erik Gulbrandsen: (715)-781-8566
  • Washburn County Sheriff: (715)-468-4720
  • Wisconsin State Patrol-Spooner Office: (715)-635-2141
  • DNR Conservation Warden John Hagen: (715)-635-4099
  • Dahlberg Light and Power Emergency Service: (800)-736-5167

State, County, and Municipal Contacts

Associations and Clubs

Minong Fire Wardens

  • Gruzy’s:  W6649 Nancy Lake Rd.  (715)-466-4301

4 thoughts on “Links & Contacts

  1. I am interested to know if the Lake Association will be participating in any conversations/planning for the future of the Colton dam. Since the impact of the breach was a catastrophic event on Gilmore Lake, I would be willing and interested in getting involved. I have yet to see any mention of the broader impact other than the loss of the dam. Shouldn’t we all be involved?

    Marilyn Lawrence


    1. Marilyn – I am a Gilmore Lake Board member and want to respond to you, but do not have the whole board input on this, so please consider this to be my personal insight. I have a Master’s Degree in Hydrology and have worked in that field for more than 10 years before becoming an attorney. After studying maps and data, doing some calculations, and discussing it all with John Ney (lake expert on the board), I believe that the quantity of water that would be released by the Colton Dam under flood or non-flood conditions is dwarfed by the massive amount of runoff from the watershed due to rainfalls. This does not mean that we are not interested in the best dam we get try to get rebuild for the Colton Dam. We have been in contact with the regulating parties including the DNR and Corps of Engineers. We will monitor events and see where it goes. Thanks for your offer to be involved. We may take you up on that.
      Mark Simonett


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