Boat Responsibly


Please use good judgment when operating your boat on Gilmore Lake.  We ask that you follow all Wisconsin boating regulations.

All motorboats within 100 feet of a swimmer, a dock or shore must proceed at slow/no wake speed—the slowest speed you can go and still maintain steerage.  Jet Skis must stay 200 feet from shore if operated faster than “slow, no wake.”   There are two narrows between the upper-middle-lower basins of Gilmore Lake where boats should pass at slow/no wake speed.

Please refer to this pamphlet on Wisconsin’s Boating Regulations for more details.  WI Boating Regs 2020



In addition, certain types of boats, including boats made for Wake Boarding can have a detrimental effect on the lake’s ecosystem when operated in shallow waters (<10 feet) or too close to shorelines.  Gilmore Lake’s average depth is 16 feet and there are certain shallow areas that are not appropriate for operation of a wake boat.  One site in particular is the “sunken island” in the southwest part of the lower basin of the lake which is approximately five feet deep.  The sunken island has been treated continuously for EWM, which spreads easily.  Please avoid Wake Boating in this area, and remind your guests to do the same.

The North American Lake Management Society has published several articles on the effect of Wake Boats on lakes which provide more education on how to minimize impact of boats designed to displace water to maximize wakes.  NALMS – Manage the Wave and Wake Boat Impact