2021 Up North Update #1

Dear Lake Neighbors,

I have a few important notices that I want you to be aware of:


We are holding our annual Gilmore Lake Association Meeting on Saturday June 26 at 10am.  We are very excited to announce that the meeting will be held at the Jack Link Aquatic and Activity Center.  We will eat lunch immediately following the meeting (approximately 11:30).  Please DO NOT bring any food items, as facility rules will not allow them to be served.   Please also let me know whether you plan to attend, which helps in determining our food quantities.  This will be my first visit to this amazing facility and I am looking forward to it.  Tours of the facility will be available before or after our meeting/luncheon.  Please inquire at the welcome desk if you want a tour.

2.      BOAT PARADE – JULY 3

The annual Boat Parade will be on Saturday July 3rd at 1pm.  The theme for this year’s event is “Where in the World?”  Please meet near the landing a few minutes prior.  In the event of inclement weather, we will move the parade to July 4th at 1.


On Monday June 14th at 6pm, The Minong Town Board will be hearing a request for a change in Zoning of the Rothe property, located at the north and west shore of Gilmore Lake at the upper narrows. (see attached map)  A developer who wants to buy the property is seeking a change from RR2 zoning (which requires a minimum 200’ frontage and 3 acres) to RR1 zoning (which allows minimum 100’ frontage and .5 acres).  Based on the filings at the Town and at Washburn County’s Zoning Office, there is currently no additional information about what is planned by the developer.  There may be more information provided at the Town meeting, which I plan to attend.   I hope you will also attend to share your comments.  The Washburn County Zoning Committee is scheduled to hear the zoning request on July 27th at 4pm in Shell Lake.  Please review the Town and County websites for current procedures  (mask-wearing, etc.) prior to attending the meeting.

If you have an objection, an expression of support, concerns or other comments for the Town Board and Washburn County regarding this zoning change request, you can express them in person at the meetings or in writing.  You may email the Town Board at townofminong@centurytel.net  The town board members’ telephone contact information is on their website at https://townofminong.us/board/   The Washburn County Zoning Office email is zoning@co.washburn.wi.us

The Spring/Summer newsletter will be mailed soon.  I look forward to seeing many of you at the Annual Meeting, and please give me an indication if you can attend.

Happy Summer!

Fran McCloskey