Water Quality Update 2015

By Bill Huelsman

A review of the lake level data reveals what we all know, nothing is happening relative to lake level fluctuations. This is a very good way to start out the year, entirely different than the last few years. One interesting note is that the level of the ice throughout the winter did not change at all. We didn’t expect it to but are curious how heavy rainfalls or snow melt might affect the ice level. We will have to wait for another winter or two in order to answer that question. Daryl Iverson continues to read the gauge every few days and particularly during heavy rainfall events. Whenever you see Daryl thank him for his efforts in this regard. We will present a graphical representation of the data to date at our annual meeting in July. So far this year the graph is an uninteresting flat line. With everyone’s help we will continue to develop a statistical data base that we believe will be very useful in the future as we continue to try to address lake level fluctuations.

The chart of lake levels can be viewed here: Gilmore Lake – Stream Guage chart (with annotations).