Special Up North Update!

Events Calendar for the upcoming GLA Annual Meeting, the canoe/kayak race and the boat parade.


This year’s Annual Meeting will be on Friday July 3 AT 5PM.  Please note the different time!  This year we thought it would be nice to get a good, friendly start to your long 4th holiday by having the picnic in the evening.  This year, along with brats and hot dogs, GLA will also be supplying potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, kraut, and all the condiments.  Beer, red and white wine and soft drinks will be available.  If you get chance to make or buy a dessert please bring it along.  What is nice about this, we now have picnic tables under the pavilion so we’ll be able to eat and socialize outside!  What is also nice is that you don’t have to plan your first meal at the cabin on Friday night.  Just come to the short Annual Meeting.  Fran McCloskey and her daughter are working on an updated and fantastic GLA website which they plan to unveil at the meeting.  We may put a couple of you to work setting out the food.  Cathie Ney is in charge of the kitchen and since the food is already prepared, it should be easy to help.

We will also be naming the new addition to the GLA EWM fleet.  All those present will be able to submit a name for the boat.  Chris Tracy submitted the name for the Milfoil Marauder, which is now affectionately referred to as the Millie.  So bring your names and we’ll vote on them.

If you haven’t paid your dues or you’re not sure, I’ll be there to help you out.


At 1pm the canoe/kayak race will begin.  You will paddle from a buoy by the little red cabin across from the boat ramp down to another buoy along the west shore to Kriss Novak’s and back to the original buoy.  Russ and I will be in Ribald, the committee boat.  Prizes will be awarded.  In this race you will have a choice of $20 for the first place canoe and $20 for the first place kayak OR a hand-carved house sign which I’ll make (you can see a sample if you pass our house on County Highway I).

At 2pm the boat parade will beginThe staging will be the same place as in years past – the bay of the boat ramp.  This year’s theme is Reggae including design and music (the judges really like music).  Prizes will also be awarded by the judges – $25 for first place, $20 for second place and $15 for third place.  This year Russ and I want to get pictures of all the winners along with their names.  With the new website we’ll be able to put more pictures on it.

I hope you plan to attend the Annual Meeting and participate in the canoe/kayak race and boat parade.  This is a fun time.  I hope you include the association in your holiday activities.