Water Quality Update 2017

By Fran McCloskey

I can say with confidence that we are all hoping for less precipitation this summer, as we were all challenged by last summer’s flooding (some more than others!).  We continue to review the situation with our monitoring program, although there is little that we can do to stop Mother Nature from sending torrential rains.

We have been recording the lake levels and charting the data for several years.  The charts are available on our website at www.gilmorelakeassociation.com.  This year we have experienced a normal level of lake water rise and fall based on comparisons to prior years.

I’m happy to report that the beaver lodge at the creek leading to the Totagatic River appears to be healthy and occupied.  Should the beavers start rebuilding their dam, we may benefit from slightly-better water level management.   Please remember to respect wildlife on our lake and refrain from disturbing their habitat.

After the significant water event of 2016, the lake water clarity was abnormal for several months.  Current readings indicate that things are back to normal.  We will be sharing more information on our lake quality monitoring at the Annual Meeting on July 8th, so stay tuned.

The 2017 water level chart can be viewed here: Gilmore Lake – Stream Guage chart as of May 2017

The 2014-2016 water level chart can be viewed here: Gilmore Lake – Stream Guage chart (2014-2016

This story comes from the Spring 2017 newsletter.