Up North Update

It’s that time of year to start the GLA blogs.  The GLA Board met this past weekend so I’ll start working on the newsletter.  It should be out shortly.  In the mean time here are a few things to consider.

  1. Bears are out and about.  Remember to give them lots of room, especially this time of year.
  2. We have a new transfer station employee.  His name is Troy Waggoner.  The green cards you have used in the past have been replaced with a blue one.  If you haven’t been to the transfer station yet this year, Troy will exchange your green card for a blue one.  If you don’t have a green card, you will have to show that you own property in the Town of Minong.  This can be a utility bill or a tax bill.
  3. The beaver dam has been re-established AND THIS IS A GOOD THING!  Last fall GLA stocked extended growth walleyes in the lake with the hope of providing good walleye fishing in the future.  The beaver dam is high enough to reduce the escape of walleyes into the river during normal lake and river levels.  The dam also helps reduce the amount of water coming into the lake from the river during rainstorms.  We are asking everyone to leave the beaver dam alone.  Do not remove it!!!
  4. Our advertising committee is asking you to give them names of service providers you have used and would recommend to others.  The committee will then contact these service providers to see if they would like to advertise in the GLA newsletter.  You can contact Tom Bergemann at 715-466-4757 or bergemannt@gmail.com. When talking with your service providers let them know there is advertising available in our newsletter.
  5. Regarding the walleye stocking program….if you are lucky enough to catch a walleye on Gilmore Lake, please contact John Ney to let him know what size it is.  He can be reached at jney@vt.edu.
  6. Mark your calendars – this year’s Annual Members meeting and picnic will be held on July 3 at the Minong Town Hall AT 5PM.  A very short meeting will precede the potluck supper.  Wine, beer, and soft drinks will be available.  On Saturday, July 4th will be the Annual and infamous GLA boat parade.  This year’s theme is “Reggae”.  According to the judge, music always gets extra points.  We hope to see you there.  More information about weekend events will be published in the next newsletter.
  7. For those of you who lost items in the summer rains last year and have found them, please let Russ know so he can update the lost/found on the website.  If you’ve found something, please let him know so he can post it.  You can reach him at r.rubarb@gmail.com.
  8. Remember to get your burn permits at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website.  Click on “Licenses, Permits and Regulations”.  Under Environmental click “Burn Permits” and follow the instructions.  It takes about 5 minutes and you can print it out.   Even though we’ve had rain over the past two weeks, it is still considered dry.  Before you burn, call 888-WIS-Burn to see if you are allowed to burn on that day.
  9. Last but not least is my membership drive.  Membership dues are still $25.  I have attached a 2015 membership form.  Please update email address, phone numbers and addresses so I can get information to you.  For those of you who have paid, thank you.  If you have a question whether or not you have paid for 2015, please contact me at ribaldness@gmail.com.