Up North Update – August

Summer is quickly fading. I have to keep my fingers crossed and say that Mother Nature was fairly kind to us this year. Russ and I attended the town board meeting this week and there were a few things on the agenda that pertain to property owners of Gilmore Lake. Next month’s Town Board meeting will be September 14 at 7 pm at the town hall.

  1. It has been determined that the culvert between Little Gilmore and the big Lake needs work. Based on the discussion at the meeting, there are two ways to fix/repair it. The first would replace the old culvert with a new one. The cost would be covered by a town grant and would be the most timely repair. The other option is to replace the culvert with a bridge (no, not a draw bridge and don’t start shopping for a pontoon boat). The cost of this repair would also be covered by a grant but would take much longer to do the project. Linda Featherly on the board mentioned the work in terms of years. John Johnson from the Washburn County Highway Department will be a next month’s town board meeting to discuss this and another issue which is number 2 on this blog.
  2. The Wisconsin Highway Department has announced that they will be installing what I call a “J” intersection at 53 and 77. Coming from the west you have to make a right hand turn, cut across traffic to make a left, turn in a median, then turn left on 53 going north and then a right turn on 77 going east. I know this sounds bizarre but John Johnson will be discussing this project at the next town board meeting. The next town board meeting is September 14 at 7 pm at the Minong Town Hall.
  3. The town “Open Book” will be August 28. At this meeting you can come in and talk with the tax assessor about any questions you may have on your assessment. Contact the town hall to get the time 715-466-5916. It’s a Saturday and I believe a couple hours long.
  4. The town “Board of Review” is September 14 from 4:30-6:30 at the town hall. You will have to fill out a form before coming before the board to address any objections you have for your assessment. The procedures for this meeting are listed on the town’s website.
  5. JoAnn Denninger, our town clerk, will be retiring this next year. If you are interested in applying for the position, stop in at the town hall and pick up an application.
  6. I know we’re enjoying some great summer weather but its time to start thinking about filling out your snow plow permit if you have the town plow for you. I’ve attached a copy of the permit for you.
  7. And finally, the cows are back. Actually they’re over by Sand Lake. At the MTLC Meeting this past Monday, one resident of Sand Lake said she was swimming in the lake when she saw a cow on the beach, leaving a deposit. The next thing she knew there were  a bunch of cows coming into the water with her! She called 911 and of course they couldn’t help her. She didn’t realize that she should have called our constable. Cows in the water are not a 911 event (although I wouldn’t appreciate it either). The point of this little story is that when you call for help make sure you call the correct agency for the situation. In this case she should have called Eric, our constable. His number is listed on our website at gilmorelakeassocation.com.

That’s all for now. Never a dull moment around here. Hope you all continue to have a safe and happy summer.

Barb Robinson, Membership/Communication Committee

To get a permit for snow removal, download this form: snowplow.