Up North Update 2018 #2

Dear Lake Neighbors,

I have two updates for you.

First, the recent flooding in the lake is receding and we are within 6” of normal water levels.  This is always an inconvenience, and at times, a major problem.  Fortunately, this episode was manageable.

Second, I want to update you on the subdivision proposal for the Chauvet property across from the landing.  The Secluded Land Company is moving forward with the subdivision and will be presenting the plan to the Town of Minong this Monday (tomorrow) at 7pm at the monthly town meeting. If you are interested and/or concerned about this proposal, I encourage you to attend the meeting to listen to the presentation.  There will be a time during the meeting for public comments. If you are not able to attend the meeting, please send an email to me stating your concerns which I will forward to Linda Featherly, a member of the Town board.  She will share your message with the board.

However, I need to explain that Secluded Land Company’s proposal meets the state shoreline zoning minimum of 100’ lots and the property is properly zoned for residential use.  Thus, there is no legal authority for the Town of Minong or Washburn County to deny the plan. This differentiates the Gilmore situation from the proposal that Secluded Land made in the town of Birchwood a few months ago which was denied by Washburn County zoning. I understand that the Wisconsin Legislature enacted a law in 2015 affecting shoreline zoning and reducing the ability of local and county governments to control development of lake property. According to the statute, if a county/municipality’s ordinance on shoreline development is more restrictive than state law, then state law will prevail.  This means that even if the Town of Minong or Washburn County had a 150’ or 200’ minimum on shoreline lots, that will be overruled by state law, which is 100’.  Although there is no legal way to opposed the proposed development on Gilmore, we can voice our concerns to the Town and to the developer.  It is important to make our concerns known.

I encourage you to attend the meeting or write a message to me expressing your thoughts.  We will have several representatives of the association in attendance. Again, the meeting is at 7pm on Monday June 11 at the MINONG TOWN HALL, W7095 NANCY LAKE RD.

In closing, I hope to see many of you at the Annual Meeting of the association and Picnic Lunch on June 30th at 10am at the Minong Town Hall.

Fran McCloskey