EWM Updates

Our Milfoil Project Team (Led by Larry Stokes) is working diligently to identify and contain EWM in the lake. We have updated our Aquatic Plant Management (APM)  Plan  for 2024 through 2028.  A draft of the APM Plan has been approved by the GLA Board and is awaiting approval from the WDNR.  The draft is available for download at this link: 2024-28_Gilmore Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan_DNRDRAFT_10-9-23

Please submit your comments or questions on the APM Plan to info@gilmorelakeassociation.com.

In 2023, GLA installed buoys in the northern basin to mark the edge of a large EWM bed in order to make boaters aware of the presence of EWM and discourage motorboat traffic beyond the buoys.  In addition, GLA engaged a professional removal firm to perform Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH) in parts of the northern basin of Gilmore Lake.  The work was performed on August 9, 10, and 11.  Presently, the WDNR does not permit chemical treatment of the northern basin due to the presence of Wild Rice plants near the outlet to the Totagatic River.

In past years, GLA has engaged a professional applicator to treat identified beds of EWM in other parts of the lake outside the northern basin.  All of the observed EWM is treated by commercial application of herbicide in early June. It is not toxic to most other aquatic plants and poses no hazard to humans and animals. We also perform manual removal of individual plants.  If you think you have spotted EWM, contact us.  Our EWM control program is funded by an ongoing WDNR grant.

The WDNR also funds the Minong Town-wide Clean Boats Clean Waters (CBCW) boat inspection program, which covers eight lakes, including Gilmore.  The program inspected hundreds of boats during the 2023 season.  The GLA matches part of the costs in time and money.  Thanks for your contributions!

To volunteer and help fight Milfoil in Gilmore Lake or learn to identify EWM and other invasive species (zebra mussels could be next) please email info@gilmorelakeassociation.com.

Gilmore Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan 2024-2028 DRAFT:  2024-28_Gilmore Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan_DNRDRAFT_10-9-23

Gilmore Lake Rapid Assessment Survey and Dive Delineation, September 19-20 and October 9, 2009: GilmoreLakeEWMRapidAssessmentandDiveSurvey919-2009

Gilmore Lake Shoreline Survey and Pre/Posttreatment Dive Assessment of Previous Beds, July 15 and September 2, 2013: Summary of 2013 Gilmore Lake EWM Bed Monitoring (1)

Gilmore Lake Milfoil infestation map 2015: 2015MilfoilMap