EWM Updates

Eurasian watermilfoil (EWM) remained under control in Gilmore Lake in 2016, at least until the Great Flood. Early summer lake monitoring showed that it consisted of a 2-acre bed on the sunken island in Big Gilmore (marked off with buoys) and a scattering of plants in Little Gilmore. Both of these areas were treated with 2,4-D in June by a commercial applicator. Also, a few plants were found just off the boat landing and manually removed by Russ Robinson. But what effect on EWM did the Flood have? The high, turbid water probably suppressed its growth.  But the flood waters could also have spread EWM, as it can re-root from pieces of stem set afloat.

Our Milfoil Committee members (Daryl Iverson, Bill Schroeder, Larry Stokes, Ron Tracy, and myself) went looking on May 24, under the direction of Lisa Burns, AIS Coordinator for Washburn County. Visibility was low, and even manual sampling with a rake found few plants and no EWM. Then the weather turned hot, and EWM exploded. It was abundant in scattered clumps in Little Gilmore and the shoal area (sunken island) in the south bay of Big Gilmore. All of the observed EWM was treated by commercial application of the herbicide 2,4d on June 11. It is not toxic to most other aquatic plants and poses no hazard to humans and animals. It will certainly kill EWM via contact, but expect more to pop up. If you think you have spotted EWM, contact Daryl Iverson at 715-466-4198; iversondj@hotmail.com.

The EWM control program is funded by an ongoing WDNR grant, as is the Town-wide CBCW boat inspection program, which included 8 lakes, including Gilmore. The GLA matches part of the costs in time and money –thanks for your contributions!

This year, we are absent two stalwarts of the Weed Wars – Russ Robinson and Burt King have left the area. We need new recruits! To join the Milfoil Committee in the fight against EWM and other invasive species (zebra mussels could be next) please contact me, John Ney (jney@vt.edu; 715-466-4198).

Please contact John Ney (email jney@vt.edu) if you would like to volunteer as a crew member for the Good Ship Milfoil Maurader lake surveys. The ship only sails on clear, calm days and you must furnish your own sunscreen and beverage. Surveys usually take 2-3 hours.

Gilmore Lake Rapid Assessment Survey and Dive Delineation, September 19-20 and October 9, 2009: GilmoreLakeEWMRapidAssessmentandDiveSurvey919-2009

Gilmore Lake Shoreline Survey and Pre/Posttreatment Dive Assessment of Previous Beds, July 15 and September 2, 2013: Summary of 2013 Gilmore Lake EWM Bed Monitoring (1)

Gilmore Lake Milfoil infestation map 2015: 2015MilfoilMap

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