Flooding Update – Wednesday AM

The lake is 6.2 feet over normal as of 10am this morning, which is 2 1/2 inches up from last night at 8pm.
Compared to the inflow rate earlier this week, this may be getting close to (or at) the peak.
The water is up to the pavement on Narrows Trail and the Town of Minong has put out “High Water” signs.
The water is lapping right up to people’s cabins, so please keep water activity to a minimum.
Again, if you are renting out your cabin or have visitors, please advise guests to refrain from normal boating activity.
This is for their safety (due to floating debris) and for preservation of property.
We all hope that the water will begin to flow out of Gilmore as soon as possible.
If you have lost or found items, please send a description (and if possible, a photo), and Fran will post them on the website’s lost/found page.
Finally, We hope to see you at the Annual Meeting & Picnic on Saturday June 30 at 10am at the Minong Town Hall on Nancy Lake Road.
The annual boat parade is on Sunday July 1st at 1pm starting at the boat landing.  Theme:  “Anything Goes”

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